This is page one, and it will record the family of Noble Eugene Reid and Barbara LaVon Moore/Reid. In the following pages will be the connections to My fathers ancestors, and my mothers ancestors. My hope is that everyone who is related to me can find a link back in time to see where they came from and who can see the future generations that will go on after we have gone.

             IN THE BEGINNING:
This is a photo of our wedding on July 03, 1960 at the Silver Bell Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was a small affair. Barbara's mom and dad, my brother Bill and his wife Diane, and Barbara's girlfriend Joyce. Billy was my best man and Joyce was the maid of honor. The reception was held at the Fremont Hotel downtown Las Vegas. Wayne Newton and his brother Jerry were on stage. They sang a song to our wedding and everyone was clapping and wishing us a happy marriage.  I had to be back at work Monday morning, so we stayed one more night and then headed back to Ashfork, Arizona to a little house we had rented. So begins the beginning of OUR FAMILY......

There are many Reids around the world. I would like my children and grandchildren to have an idea where we came from, and of the many Reid's who are related to them. To start: Our family consists of NOBLE EUGENE REID, born on November 20, 1933 in Dougherty, Floyd County, Texas, to LEVI GRADY REID and MABLE HARRIET WOLFORD/REID. My wife, BARBARA LaVON MOORE/REID, born on September 15, 1938 in Chickasha, Oklahoma to ORBIN CHARLES MOORE and EDNA IRENE SMITH/MOORE. We have three children, MICHAEL JAY REID, born on August 09, 1956 in Eugene, Oregon. Our daughter, BRENDA JEAN REID, born on June 18, 1963 in Page, Arizona, and our youngest son, RUSSELL CHARLES REID, born on September 19, 1965 in Springfield, Oregon. In the past, Barbara and I lived in Las Vegas, NV for 34 years and have recently moved to a little town in northeastern Oregon to be near our three children. This being 2010, we celebrated our 50th anniversary on July 3rd. Our meeting is a story in itself, because if I hadn't made a left turn in Ashfork, Arizona early in 1960 this account would surely be different.

I was working at Peach Springs Arizona at a limestone quarry crushing limestone. It was my first job as a teamster that would become my real lifes work. Peach Springs, Arizona is on the Hualapai Indian reservation on highway 66, fifty or so miles east of Kingman, Arizona. As there was nothing to do on in Peach Springs, I decided to head to Flagstaff for the weekend. Halfway there on hiway 66 is the little town of Ashfork. I needed to stop for some cold refreshments. I saw the sign of the Arizona Bar which had what I wanted, but I had to turn left because of the one-way streets in town.

As I went in the tavern, I saw a young lady talking to a man at the far end of the bar which I found out later was her uncle FRANK GUM who owned the place. I forgot about Flagstaff after seeing her. From a conversation, to a dance date, to a proposal, four months later we were married. We have often thought back to that weekend in early 1960. I remember as I entered Ashfork and the road east through town became a one way street, I thought about going on to Williams before stopping.  It was only 18 more miles, but my thirst got the best of me, so I turned left, and the rest is family history.

This little piece of history, and both the Paternal and Maternal pages will give the grandkids an idea of how we met, and a part of the history of our ancestors that made it all possible.

Michael Jay Reid

This is a picture of our first born, MICHAEL JAY REID, born on August 09, 1956 in Eugene, Oregon. Mike's mother was the late Janice Hansen who I had married before meeting Barbara. The picture shows him in his dress blue Marine uniform. He won the uniform for being the most outstanding recruit in his class. It also represents a big part of his life, not only because of his time in the Marine Corp, but he suffered a major accident while in the service. While stationed in Hawaii, Mike and a buddy decided to climb Mt. Pali. On their decent, it began to rain, as it usually does almost every afternoon in Hawaii. The rain made the side they were on real slick, and he slipped and fell about 75 feet to a ledge below. He suffered major head and knee injuries, but due to his excellent physical condition he survived the fall. We are thankful that his is still with us. After a long and trying rehab, he has been able to over come alot of the handicaps, and leads a near normal life. Mike has become a pretty fair golfer, scoring two holes in one during a 19 day period. We remember Mike being a star quarterback in football at Clark High School in Las Vegas.

Mike is also a fair hand with a hammer and nails. If his fingers hold out, he can build about anything. Mike has one daughter, SARA MARIE REID. At the present time, he lives near us in Elgin, Oregon.

Brenda Jean Reid

Brenda was born in Page, Arizona on June 18, 1963. At present, she lives in Elgin, Oregon, and works in the cabinet division of Eagle Cap campers of LaGrande, OR.

Russell Charles Reid

Russell was born in Springfield, Oregon on September 19, 1965. At present, he lives in Elgin, Oregon, and has been promoted to a management position for Eagle Cap campers of LaGrande, OR.

Our Grandchildren

Barbara and I have four grandchildren. First is RYAN EUGENE REID, born on April 22, 1985 in Prescott,Arizona to Brenda. Next is SARA MARIE REID, born on July 10, 1985 to Michael. Then the twins, ASHLEY RENEE McGUIRE and DANIEL PAUL McGUIRE, both born on October 01, 1994 to Brenda and Sean McGuire in Las Vegas, Nevada. The picture on the right is of the twins in the snow. It is odd ,because this snow is at Palm Springs, California. They were ten years old at the time this photo was taken...

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