My Sister Louise and Family

   This is a picture of my sister MARY LOUISE REID, born on January 18, 1930 in Crosbyton, Texas and FRANK NORMAN (Bus) PRATHER, born on January 11, 1927, Bus died on November 30, 1989. They were married on July 5, 1952. Their family consists of two boys and two girls. First, L. LYNN PRATHER born on September 15, 1948 Then, DEBRA LOUISE PRATHER, born on March 19, 1953. Next, JAMES RANDALL PRATHER, born on April 28, 1954. and then DAVID KYLE PRATHER, born on April 23, 1957, but only lived 14 hours...They have 5 grandkids, SHANNA LYNN PRATHER, born on June 15, 1984 to Debbie. FRANK RYAN PRATHER, born on September 7, 1974 to Randy. AMANDA KAYE PRATHER, born on April 23, 1979 to Randy. Then DAVID FORTUNE PUCKETT, born on December 7, 1969 to Lynn and TRAYCI DENISE PUCKETT, born on February 22, 1972 to Lynn... As of this date, they have 7 great grandchildren. DANIEL PUCKETT, born on July 7, 1991 to David. JAY THOMAS PUCKETT, born on May 2, 1992 to David. ALEXA NICHOLE PUCKETT, born on April 24, 1998 to David. Then DESIREE PRATHER, born in 1993 to Frank Ryan. TAYLOR RYAN PRATHER, born on August 28, 1997 to Frank Ryan. Then comes AJA REYNA PUCKETT, born on August 19, 1989 to Tracyi and then there is TATIANA PUCKETT/WILLIAMS, born on July 6, 1995 to Tracyi.. As of the date, Louise lives in Arlington, Washington which is just north of Everett.

   I will add information if she ever sends me any... Note: As always, any wrong dates or spelling will be corrected.

My Brother Bill and Family

   Here will be a picture on BILLY DON REID, (We have always called him Bill)... He has four children, two boys and two girls... Bill was married to DIANE PUSKAS of Eugene, Oregon. They had CRAIG ALLEN REID, born on March 7, 1956...Then the two girls. THERESA JOANNE (Terri Jo) REID, born on July 1, 1957. and SHERRY LYNN REID, born on April 2, 1959 in Flagstaff, Arizona. Sherry is married to JONATHAN TODD MOTE, and the live in Jackson, Tennessee...

Bill married PATTY JOHNSON and had a son they named DOUGLAS REID, born on November 4, 1979 in Las Vegas, Nevada... Bill has nine grandchildren, WILLIAM CLINTON REID, born on June 30, 1976 in San Diego, California to Sherry. The twins, AMBER MICHELE KINZIE, and JARED MICHAEL KINZIE, both born on March 23, 1982 in San Diego, California to Sherry. Then JONATHAN ZACHARY MOTE, born on May 25, 1989 in New Orleans, LA to Sherry. AUSTIN KYLE MOTE, born on May 25,1990 in Las Vegas, Nevada to Sherry. Then JACOB TYLER MOTE, born on October 3, 1991 in Las Vegas, Nevada also to Sherry. There is CASEY AARON REID, born on September 12, 1980 in Eugene, Oregon to Craig. Then comes JENNIFER MICHELE REID born on June 23, 1978 in Eugene, Oregon to Craig. Next is grand daughter PATSY NICOLE TURNER, born on June 9, 1977 in San Diego, California to Theresa. He also has two great grand daughters, ALYSSA LEIGH REID, born on March 8, 1995 in Memphis Tennessee to Clinton, and MADYSON ELIZABETH KINZIE to Jared.

Some spots still have a little more info to put in, so I will edit the page as I get it. 

My Mother

This a picture of my mother, MABLE HARRIET WOLFORD, she was born on June 8, 1912 in Chickasha, Oklahoma, to John Thomas and Lela Wolford. Mother died on November 4, 1995. Mother's dad, JOHN THOMAS WOLFORD, was born on March 20, 1877 and died in April of 1969. Her mother LELA DESSIE PHILLIPS, was born on March 18, 1878 and died on August 15, 1970. We were so blessed to have a mother that cared so much about us as we grew up. Even as we grew into adults, mom was always thinking of her kids. When times were hard, she always managed to find a way to make a home for us.

My Father

This is a picture of my father LEVI GRADY REID, he was born on August 10, 1906 in Whitney, Hill County, Texas to ANDREW LEVI REID and SUSIE RACHEL LEE. Dad died on January 07, 1984 in Las Vegas Nevada. He was nicknamed "Dade" when he was growing up, but I always heard him called Grady by everyone we knew clear to when he passed away. This is really the only picture we have saved of him, other than a few snapshots with other people. If you had known him, you would know why. My dad was from the old school, and lived his life that way.

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