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This page and the following pages will have the research information on the Reid, Miley, Lee, Marbut, and Wolford family that relates to Mary Louise Reid/Prather, Noble Eugene Reid and Billy Don Reid. These pages are being built with Microsoft's Front Page Express Text Editor, and Internet Explorer for FTP file transfer. These pages are better viewed at 1024 X 768 on Internet Explorer. Some browser's like Netscape, and Firefox do not play the background music. At the bottom of each page are the links to all the other pages. feel free to view, or copy any information that connects you to this part of the Reid family. Not all the information is listed here due to the fact that there are so many branches of the family, and the history is ever changing.

There are a lot of Reid's in this world, and the hunting and searching of each little bit of information has been rewarding to us and to all that read these pages. To name each and everyone is not possible, but there are some of my relatives that have a common interest in where we came from and are due some recognition on this site. They are:
Sherry Lynn Reid/Mote of Florida, Naida Norris/Green of Liberty, Missouri, Billy Ralph Lee of Madisonville, Texas, Henry P. Mayo of College Station, Texas, Linda Reid of Katy, Texas, Erline Reid of Junction City, Oregon, Beth Reid/Murphy of Portland, Oregon, Adrian Wolford of Mustang, Oklahoma, and Morris Shepherd of Harrison, Ohio. Much thanks to one and all.

This picture of the Reid Coat of Arms was taken from the American Genealogical Research Institute. There are 12 designs in the list. Some have a lion on the top. This design shows a shield with a white chevron between three fleur-de-lis. Across the top third of the shield are three red circles. They all have the helmet of armour above the shield and the flowering around the helmet are different. In the research of the Surname Reid we find that it is of English, Scottish origin. There are also different spellings of the name. We will stick with Reid.


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Page1 = Our Family = Wedding Picture, Michael Jay, Brenda, and Russell.
Page2 = Work History = Work, Military Duty, Hobbies, Memories of the Past.
Page3 = More Family = Louise's Family, Bill's Family, Photo of Mother, Photo of Dad.
Page4 = Reid Descendants = From Robert Reid Sr. thru Andrew Levi and Susie Rachel Lee.
Page5 = Reid's Continued = From Andrew Levi and (2) Minnie Carroll thru Generation 8.
Page6 = Reid's Continued 2 = Reid Descendants of Generation 9 and the Future.
Page7 = Wolford Descendants = From Johanne Wolfarth/Wolford thru Generation 5.
Page8 = Wolford's Continued = Descendants of Generation 6 and the Future.
Page9 = Lee Descendants = Descendants from John Lee thru Generation 10.
Page10 = Lee's Continued = Descendants of Generation 11 and the Future.
Page11 = Miley/Marbut = The Miley Family and the Meerbott/Marbut Family.
Page12 = Phillips/Howard = The Phillips Family and the Howard Family.
Page13 = Paternal Summary Page = The history and journeys of our fathers family.
Page14 = Maternal Summary Page = The history and journeys of our mothers family.

Note: When viewing files, you can use the Ctrl F hotkey to find a particular name. When you decide on a page to view, and it opens, key Ctrl F and when the box opens, type in the name you want, then click on Find Next. It will find the name you want every time you click Find Next. Also use the keyboard keys to surf the pages. Home is the top, End is the bottom, Page Up moves one page up, and Page Down moves one page down. The links at the bottom of each page takes you to another page. Enjoy the time you spend here.

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